Mexico - LMB 08/25 02:40 3 [1] Mexico City v Puebla [3] L 15-5
Mexico - LMB 08/24 00:00 3 [1] Mexico City v Puebla [3] L 15-8
Mexico - LMB 08/21 19:00 3 Puebla v Mexico City L 7-17
Mexico - LMB 08/20 21:00 3 Mexico City v Puebla L 10-6
Mexico - LMB 08/18 00:00 4 [4] Mexico City v Puebla [3] L 20-17
Mexico - LMB 08/16 00:30 4 Puebla v Yucatan L 3-4
Mexico - LMB 08/14 23:00 4 [3] Puebla v Yucatan [4] L 0-1
Mexico - LMB 08/13 23:00 4 Puebla v Yucatan W 7-4
Mexico - LMB 08/12 00:00 4 [4] Yucatan v Puebla [3] W 6-7
Mexico - LMB 08/11 00:00 4 [4] Yucatan v Puebla [3] L 12-10
Mexico - LMB 08/07 00:00 - Puebla v Yucatan L 3-4
Mexico - LMB 08/06 00:30 - Puebla v Yucatan L 3-5

Wikipedia - Pericos de Puebla

The Pericos de Puebla (English: "Puebla Parrots") are a professional baseball team in the Mexican League based in Puebla, Mexico.


The state of Puebla came upon baseball in the early 1920s when returning Poblanos that had come from military service who were based in the north of Mexico brought back with them this new sport which they share with the locals. Which the natives practice in their spare time spurning up numerous of amateurs baseball teams around the state.

In 1922, General Andrés Zarzosa Verástegui founded an amateur baseball club Almazán de Puebla All former Puebla baseball clubs who went down to Mexico City to play exhibition games against the amateurs clubs from the state. In 1924 General Juan Andrew Almazán now owner of the club relocated in Mexico City. No one took charge of the club and so it was forgotten. Players from that first club were Ramón Artola, Jacinto Jaquinet, Ramón Montes de Oca, Felipe Cázares among others.

In 1925, with people excited and in love with this new sport a new baseball league was created founded by the General Alejandro Aguilar Gómez and so the state of Puebla had its first professional baseball club. Andrés Zarzosa was the founder and owner of 74 Regimiento baseball club that represent the state of Puebla which made its home in the city of Atlixco. The clubs that founded this new league were Agrario, Guanajuato, El Nacional de Bisckler, El México and Puebla's own 74 Regimiento. Some of the first idols in their first year were Center fielder Oscar Martínez, Catcher Hakino, Shortstop Javier Pérez and Pitcher Gómez coached by the Cuban Jesús "Matanzas" Valdez. 74° Regimiento was the first ever baseball champion in 1925. This club later was relocated in San Luis Potosí where they never again won a championship.

They have existed on and off since 1942 in various other leagues. They are one of the many clubs that have represented the state of Puebla since 1924, among them Almazán de Puebla in 1922, 74 Regimiento in 1924, who also was the first champion of the Liga Mexicana de Béisbol, Club De Béisbol Hudson, in 1938, where they got their uniform colors green and white from. The club played in the Liga Invernal Veracruzana from 1949 to 1959. In 1958 they lost the title against Poza Rica and in 1959 won their first title. The clubs won a total of 4 Liga Mexicana de Béisbol: 1 in 1924 as 74 Regimiento, 2 as Ángeles Negros in 1972 and 1986 one as Pericos de Puebla in 1963. The club plays their home games in the Estadio de Béisbol Hermanos Serdán which is right next to the Estadio Cuauhtémoc were Puebla F.C. has made their home since 1972 when they left the old Estadio Ignacio Zaragoza where they played from 1942 to 1971. From 2002 to 2006 the Pericos shared their home park with the Tigres de la Angenópolis from Mexico City. The Tigres club won a championship in 2005 to later transfer in 2006 to Quintana Roo Yucatán with whom they keep a strong rivalry.

  • First Baseball tournament held in Mexico were 74 Regimiento was crown the champion in 1924.
Club Position Games won Games Lost
74 Regimiento 1 10 6
México 2 10 6
Agraria (Carmona) 3 8 6
Nacional 4 7 7
Guanajuato 5 5 9
Águila 6 0 10