Leagues Played
Mexico - LMB 806


Mexico - LMB 08/07 22:00 - [3] Monclova v Saltillo [7] L 10-1
Mexico - LMB 08/06 23:00 - Monclova v Saltillo L 10-4
Mexico - LMB 08/06 00:30 - Monclova v Saltillo L 7-4
Mexico - LMB 08/05 00:00 - [7] Saltillo v Mexico City [1] L 11-15
Mexico - LMB 08/04 00:30 - [7] Saltillo v Mexico City [1] L 2-8
Mexico - LMB 08/03 00:30 - [7] Saltillo v Mexico City [1] L 10-16
Mexico - LMB 07/30 21:00 - Saltillo v Puebla L 5-8
Mexico - LMB 07/30 00:00 - [7] Saltillo v Puebla [2] L 4-10
Mexico - LMB 07/29 00:30 - [5] Yucatan v Saltillo [7] W 3-7
Mexico - LMB 07/28 00:30 - Yucatan v Saltillo W 5-11
Mexico - LMB 07/28 00:30 - [3] Saltillo v Mexico City [1] L 6-7
Mexico - LMB 07/28 00:30 - [8] Saltillo v Puebla [3] W 9-8

Wikipedia - Saraperos de Saltillo

The Saraperos de Saltillo (English: Saltillo Serape Wearers) are a professional baseball team in the Mexican League. Their home ballpark is the Estadio de Béisbol Francisco I. Madero in Saltillo, Coahuila. They have won three championships (1980, 2009, and 2010). The 1979 Saraperos were recognized as one of the 100 greatest minor league teams of all time.


The Saraperos joined the Mexican League in 1970. The team was developed during a dinner held by the members of the Committee for Construction of the Cathedral of Saltillo, led by its president, Don Jorge Torres Casso. Initial discussions concerned the cost of the franchise, including purchase of players.

With the support of the Governor and the Mayor of Saltillo, the Saraperos organized with Don Jorge Torres Casso as president, Mr. Flavio Trevino, Javier López del Bosque and Gustavo Lara Ramos as vice-presidents, Eleazar Galindo as treasurer and Flores Valdez Eustolio as secretary.

The Saraperos had successful seasons during the 1970s, reaching the league play-offs and finishing as runners-up in 1971, 1972, and 1973. The 1980 season was suspended due to a player's strike, known as "The Curse of the Anabe". The Mexican League decided to conduct a special season mini-championship, won by the Saraperos. The Saraperas were runners-up again in 1988, losing to the Mexican Red Devils in 5 games.

In late 1998, Sinaloan Juan Manuel Ley purchased the franchise from Javier Siller Saltillo. This marked the beginning of a new era for the team. After this purchase the home stadium, Estadio Francisco I. Madero, underwent major renovations to expand capacity, all games were broadcast on a local television network in Saltillo, and promotions began to entice families to attend games. The 1999 season was a resounding success with Saltillo Plaza as the most attended game of the season and after three years without a postseason (1996-8) they qualified for the playoffs with third place in the General Table quarterfinals, but were eliminated after 6 games against the Campeche Pirates. During the semifinals, the Saraperos faced the Mexico Red Devils in 7 intense games; the Red Devils went on to win the championship of the 1999 season.

The Saraperos were the most successful club in the 1999-2005 phase of the Mexican League, leading in club attendance at the league level and qualifying for the playoffs in all 7 seasons of that period, playing exciting postseason series. Notably, the Sarapera roster included the renowned pitcher Luis Ayala (currently of the Washington Nationals) during this era. It was said that there was a curse on the Saraperos of Saltillo during this time: "Saraperos will not be champions until Francisco Paquin Estrada Saltillo is the manager." Estrada Saltillo was the manager of the Pirates of Campeche, to whom the Saraperos lost in the 2004 championship final. Although they lost the final of 2004, the Saraperos were the two-time champions of the Northern Zone (Finals runner up), with titles won in 2004 and 2005. Their high level of play continued with additional play-offs qualifications in 2006–2013. Despite the team "curse", the Saraperos won the league championship in the 2009 season, led by manager Orlando Sanchez. These finals were won after 6 games against the Tigres de Quintana Roo. In 2010, they returned to the championship to defend their title, winning in 5 games against rivals Pericos de Puebla.